Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The New Tape by Kung Fu Beat Maker $need the Jade Badger is coming out July 8th. This FREE digital EP " JADE PALACE GUARD TAPE 3 Duel of the Big Five (SECRET WARZ) will be a mix of beat makers and influnces from various known and perhaps unknown martial arts clicks, sects and Dojo. Now the question is:
Who are the Jade Palace Guard?

The JADE PALACE GUARD a collaboration of experimental beat makers and DJs. The concepts and influence lie in Martial Arts, Sci-FI, Horror, and Vintage films. The JADE PALACE an underground sound testing, sampling and recording area (also called a Lab, Chamber, or DOJO) currently located in Poughkeepsie, NY. This team utilizes a broad range of electronic and classic instruments. The JADE PALACE has been known to be a MOBILE operation and has moved locations numerous time. These MOBILE DOJO have had semi-permanent residence and can also be set up and taken down in one night. Sometimes running off of generators or stolen power sources. One said, DOJO codenamed: The Eagle's Roost, was one of the longer permenant running DOJO with a large library of sound and equipment. The 2010 release "Northeastern Eagle Fist" was recorded at this location. With its start in early 2007 The Eagle's Roost was host to the majority of sound and recorded samples that lie in The JADE PALACE VAULT. This location was destroyed in a Mysterious fire the summer of 2010. Vinyl and music equipment was lost, but the majority of The JADE PALACE VAULT and its collection of sounds were saved. Since then The JADE PALACE at its new location codenamed: UNKNOWN, has released multiple Experimental, Electronic and LO-FI Kung Fu Digital EPs and a recent CD. Members of The JADE PALACE GUARD include Sneed the Jade Badger, Locksmith, Mr. CHI-202, Lord L, Lo-Fi Butterfly, Good Monk, Killa Kowalski, O-Ren Ishi, Dart Frog Lo, David Arcade, SamuraiMugen, BoomBapp, and Nigel One. The JADE PALACE has collaborated GLOBALLY with Invincible Armour a DJ crew from England as well as being featured on a DJ SKAE CD release [The A-List] in Australia with Sneed the Jade Badger getting co-production credit on the ending track. This collaboration was done with Invincible Armour and is featured below. With its alternate cover and feature on Sneed the Jade Badger "Heartbreak Warrior". The JADE PALACE GUARD have also collaborated with Anime4Breakfast, KC.93 Records, Strange Gibberish Recordingz and Out2Lunch! Entertainment.

The story they will tell you...
The Jade Palace crashed landed on Earth after LOCKSMITH a beat maker from another dimension and time unlocked a time portal to ancient China. In doing so he stumbled upon The JADE PALACE and was able to unlock the palace gate releasing palace drummers SNEED THE JADE BADGER and MR. CHI-202 from a 33 year imprisonment sentence for making music that drove the royal subjects to riot. In doing so the three were able to escape and then took over the Palace Vault , which is a giant time machine in itself.

With the Palace now in the hands of these renegade beat makers, they set off around the galaxies, collecting sounds from everywhere and any time! This Year 2011 the JADE PALACE was caught in a cosmic explosion and was pulled into Earth's atmosphere. Crash landing in a sculpture park in Poughkeepsie NY. The time and dimension traveling component was damaged beyond repair and the pieces remain in said park.. The JADE PALACE is now stuck here on Earth forced to make dope beats and survive on Hard Apple Cider and Bong Hits.

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