Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jade Digital 45" series 2013

Greetings Bloggers, Been awhile since I have posted on the old blog. If you hadn't noticed (due to this lapse in blog communication) we've have been quite busy over at the Jade Palace. This past year 2013 Year of the Snake has been very auspicious. We have had a few Limited T-shirt and Cassette tape releases (a few tapes still available). Released numerous beat tape compilations (check BANDCAMP ) with many new members of THE JADE PALACE GUARD and Producers from around the world. We've traveled south to S/G fest and Performed live with strangegibberish.net, and even started a bootleg/knock off toyline (MORE INFO SOON). and now... as summer settles into cooler nights and haze filled mornings a new chapter arises... Introducing The JADE DIGITAL 45" SERIES! For the remainder of the year we will be releasing a 2-3 track mini beat tape two times a week! Oh and yes they are FREE! Each tape will be a new mystery in Jade Palace lo-fi sorcery and science, and will feature NEW and Different Producers. Here is The first 3! installments to keep you busy til week two starts! Keep ya senses sharp and thanks for the support! JADE DIGITAL 45" SERIES #1 of Jade Digital 45" series 2013 LO-FI 303_E.S.P. [Extrasensory perception] BEAT TAPE 1_CHILDREN WITH E.S.P. 2_STONE AGE GIRLS 3_DOCTOR OF NOTHING [STATIC VER.] #2 of Jade Digital 45" series 2013 STALKING EAGLE, HIDDEN BADGER [BEAT TAPE] 1_HIDDEN BADGER 2_STALKING EAGLE 3_FOUND IN AN OLD JACKET #3 of Jade Digital 45" series 2013 MOUNTAIN GOD ELIXIR_BEAT TAPE 1_MOUNTAIN GOD ELIXIR 2_MIRACLE PILL_PT.1 3_MIRACLE PILL_PT.2