Thursday, June 10, 2010

KC.93 Records/a4b!

KC.93 Records meaning [kowloon city .93]
is the official record label of the anime4breakfast collective.(a4b!~)
I am now officially a member of this fresh and exciting new label.
Please find KC.93 Records here:

[anime4breakfast] is a showcase of obscure technology, talent and art for all over the world. We are kinda like [adultswim] if you know of it but, internet based and redirected back to the creative artist that watch it. We work with photographers, beatmakers, models, film makers, artist/ graphic designer, fashion designers, and web designers. Midnight Kids.

[Midnight kids]
are the internal group of artists from all over the world, collaborating on original content for projects. The full number of members involved in anime4breakfast / KC.93 records is unknown.

We are in the process of making our own internet basic TV channel.

This is a pod cast that owner and creator Killboy asked me to do a while back.

more about KC.93 Records/a4b!

Kowloon is a city in Hong Kong, know as the walled city of kowloon. The Walled City was one of the densest and most interesting urban spaces to ever grace the world, even being featured in the movie "Bloodsport" starring Jean Claude Van Damme. Sadly, it was torn down in 1993 for new development. We created this label in it's honor.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ninja Commandments

Coming soon! This is a bump for the flyers im handing out. These flyers can land you a FREE Sticker pack and the first of KC.93 Records/a4b! merch! dont miss out!
<a href="">intro Ninja Commandments by Sneed the Jade Badger 獾</a>