Thursday, June 10, 2010

KC.93 Records/a4b!

KC.93 Records meaning [kowloon city .93]
is the official record label of the anime4breakfast collective.(a4b!~)
I am now officially a member of this fresh and exciting new label.
Please find KC.93 Records here:

[anime4breakfast] is a showcase of obscure technology, talent and art for all over the world. We are kinda like [adultswim] if you know of it but, internet based and redirected back to the creative artist that watch it. We work with photographers, beatmakers, models, film makers, artist/ graphic designer, fashion designers, and web designers. Midnight Kids.

[Midnight kids]
are the internal group of artists from all over the world, collaborating on original content for projects. The full number of members involved in anime4breakfast / KC.93 records is unknown.

We are in the process of making our own internet basic TV channel.

This is a pod cast that owner and creator Killboy asked me to do a while back.

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